You have a full-time job, but you feel as though you may be limited in your creative freedom. Working at a structured job can hinder your motivation to be creative. If you’re thinking of your side projects and freelance work while working at your daily job, it may be time to consider doing freelance work. […]

As we see the growth in technological advancements with sustainable energy, it’s not a surprise to see the growth of jobs in this industry follow suit. The most sought-after job fields will be changing in the next few years, and we want to let you know what those are. This is an exciting time to […]

It’s very important to be prepared for an interview, and with that comes the way you present yourself. Before you say anything in the interview, you’re already making an impression by walking in and presenting yourself with the way you dress. There are some misconceptions relating to dress code in an interview because we have […]

After graduating from college, young professionals are eager to get out in the workforce, but not all are prepared for it.  The expectations of parents and family members can take a toll on a young graduate.  It sometimes can trump their motivation because there can be so much pressure with getting that perfect job that […]

No one enjoys staying in a job or career that they dread.  It can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health.  This is never a good thing.  The job may be secure because of paychecks and benefits, but you have to take a look at what really matters.  It might be time […]

Job searching can be one of the most grueling “jobs” in itself.  College grads can have a discouraging time during the process of searching for their perfect fit because it doesn’t just take time, it takes dedication.  It is crucial to not only be applying to jobs, but also networking with professionals even if they […]

Hiring the right person to fill a position comes with its own set of challenges. Searching for candidates with specific skill sets is not an easy task, and what’s more, it is not always easy to identify these skills through the interviewing process. That said, there are some universal indications you can focus on to […]

The longer an employee stays and grows with a company, the more they understand what it takes to make the organization a success. It’s true—employee morale and productivity increase when employees feel secure and happy in their jobs. Looking to improve your employee retention rates? Try the following 7 strategies: 1. Hire the right people […]

Your resume is the first glimpse an employer has into your background, skills, and talents. A resume is often the only knowledge an employer will have of you before offering an interview. It becomes important, then, to create a well-polished resume that helps you stand out and shows what you can bring to a company. […]

The hiring process doesn’t stop after the application and interview—what you do afterwards is just as important. Following up shows your potential employer that you truly care about the position and have taken a genuine interest in the company. Here are our top tips for following up after a job interview: Send a thank-you note […]

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