It is quite important for the organizations to hire the right people for the right job. It is a critical decision that has to be made by the companies. If you bring or hire a wrong person to the organization, then it creates a negative impact on the work culture as well as productivity of the company. In this article, we have come up with certain reasons that have been observed because of which the companies hire the wrong employees and what can be done to reverse the wrong decisions.

Reasons for which the companies hire wrong employees:-

The companies hire the skills and ignore the attitudes:-
The skills are the important attributes that a recruiter looks out for in a candidate, but at the same time, one cannot ignore the attitude that a candidate carries towards work. The right and positive attitude towards work can bring motivational approach among the team members as well. It is easy to train the unskilled person, but it is not easy to train the person in terms of attitude that he/she carries. Most of the companies ignore the fact that is related to the attitude and hence, it results in the wrong hire.

Recruiters incline to hire family and friends:-
According to researches and studies, it has been found that most of the time, the recruiters are inclined to hire candidates those are known to them such as family members or friends. They look out for people who can be a cultural fit to the organization. In this process, the recruiters actually miss to hire the people who have cognitive ability, skills and knowledge and are a better fit for the profile. Such hiring decisions may result in the wrong hires and the firm lose out on hiring a potential candidate.

Tendency to ignore the gut feeling or intuition:-
A little bit of gut feeling and institution can add value to the process of hiring that is being ignored most of the times by the recruiters. If you are getting such intuition after a vast year of experience being a recruiter, then you must definitely not ignore the same while making a hiring decision. Just check how the candidate is behaving or interacting with others. Do check whether the candidate has attributes such as respect and courtesy or not as these are important aspects for the work culture. Sadly, most of the times, the recruiters do not pay attention or simply ignore such aspects and it may result in a wrong hire.

Taking a wrong Chance:-
There have been usually two kinds of options in front of recruiters while making a hiring decision. The first option is to take a good chance such as hiring a candidate who you feel has a good potential or has got good amount of skills or you feel, the candidate has good spirit, enthusiasm and passion towards work. The second option is to take a wrong or bad chance in a situation where you hope that the candidate will have a work ethics even though he/she had attendance problem in past companies or hiring a candidate who has got no experience to work in your industry. In such conditions, taking a wrong chance of hiring a candidate can be proven a dangerous decision for the productivity of the company.

Ignoring the total package:-
Each and every company has guidelines, rules and regulations that are to be followed by each and every employee. Certain employees, who are good performers, have a tendency to ignore such rules and that may spoil the culture of your organization. Recruiters tend to compromise on such matters wherein they will only focus on the performance and ignore the rest of the traits that can be proven a hazardous decision.

Following are certain ways to avoid wrong hires that have been suggested by Human resource experts.

Check that do you really need someone for the position:-
Before you post a job, ask always to yourself whether you really need to hire a person for the position or not. If yes, then what kind of person you want such as do you need full-time employee or freelancer or part-time employee. Such questions can answer your needs and thus, you can manage the budget for your company.

Provide a relevant and clear job description:-
Before you post a job, first of all, be clear and specific about the needs and wants of the job. Write a clear, specific, precise and relevant job description about the job for which you are looking out to hire a candidate. Also, determine the kind of skill set you are looking out for in a new hire, along with other specific details such as educational qualifications, experience, etc. Try to come up with a detailed description so that better clarity can be derived out of the same. Once you create such a document, the same can be used as a guideline and the chances of getting side tracked can be reduced to minimal.

Ensure not to have a biased hiring:-
It is obvious that the recruiter may end up making conscious or unconscious biased decision while hiring because of the variety of factors. Such happening is so subtle, that the person does not even realize that he/she is making such biased decisions. Hence, one should always be aware as such biases can prevent you from making a right choice for the hire.

Ensure to carry out background check:-
This is a very important step of recruitment. It is essential to carry out a background check of the candidate that you are intending to hire. You can talk to the previous supervisors of the candidate to know the level of performance of the candidate. The background checks will let you know about the strengths, weakness, and work ethics of the candidate. Before you talk to the reference, make sure that you prepare a list of the questions that are to be asked. Do not forget to ask an important question that is, “Will you hire this candidate again in future, if given a chance”?

Do not wait if you find a good candidate:-
If you feel that is a strong candidate and absolutely a perfect match for your profile, just do not wait at all. Make sure that you grab such suitable candidate as quickly as you can before somebody else grabs your candidate. The candidates who have got talent and are performers usually have good number of offers in hand. Thus, the recruiter should ensure not to delay the hiring decision in such cases. The more you delay, it Highers the chances for you to lose out on candidate.

The recruiter and the human resource department must ensure to proceed with caution while making a hiring decision because hiring the right talent will help you grow your business and fosters the productivity. But, also remember that one rotten apple can destroy the entire culture of the company, reduced productivity, reduces growth for your firm and put your organization off track to a great extent.