Today, companies of all sizes use staffing agencies for one simple reason—they work. Regardless if a company is considering hiring temporary hires for short-term assignments, testing the waters by implementing a temp-to-staff policy, or bringing on long-term employees, they realize the benefits of going with a staffing firm. Here are just a couple of the ways working with a staffing agency can help you.


Gaining the agency’s expertise is highly valuable in any hiring process. If you’re a company owner, that doesn’t always mean you understand the subtleties of the staffing process. A staffing firm knows where and how to find the best employees for your particular needs. In addition, they know the regulations and laws surrounding the process of specific hiring procedures.

Get Better Talent

By working with you to create the ideal candidate profile, agencies can put in the work needed to find a perfect match. They have broad access to talent pools and understand where to search for both active and possible passive candidates. This allows you an opportunity to take your pick instead of just hoping the right person comes your way.

Saves You Money

It’s no secret that your business is looking for ways to save money. Since staffing firms get you the best talent, you’ll get a boost in productivity and efficiency. Also, agencies usually hire faster, which saves on downtime.

Cut Back on Risk

Hiring can be risky when handling it in-house. When hiring on your own, you have to put in the effort—time as well as money—and the honest truth is that you run the risk of having to do it over if it’s a bad hire. If you want to test the waters, using an agency’s temp-to-hire program lets you take candidates for a test drive, so to speak, before hiring them full-time.

Add Flexibility

If you use a contingent workforce to add flexibility, staffing agencies are perfect because you can control production rates as needed. Want extra hands? Add them as needed. Is your business seasonal or does it go through unexpected surge periods? An agency can help acquire the workers you need for the exact timeframe required.
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