Recruitment is a critical tool used to find top talent to employ at your company.

In the past, the recruitment process took place across more traditional methods such as newspapers, print media, telephone etc. Now with the technological advancements made in recent years, the recruitment process has transformed across the globe.

A few clicks and the applications are sorted, the resumes are filed, and you rely on a machine to hand you your top talent on a silver platter.

So, when it comes to recruitment, who wins? Machines? People? Or is it a combination of both?


Recruitment Agency

You’re right!

It’s both. Just because we’ve entered the digital age, doesn’t mean we can forget about the benefits of a human touch. We must maintain a balance between humanizing the recruitment process and utilizing the technology now at our disposal.

Assess their communication skills

Communication skills are necessary in any potential candidate as they can play a huge role in smooth and efficient operations at your company.

The resume can communicate a candidate’s ability, but at the same time, the clarity on the thought process can be derived from a meaningful face to face conversation only. Similarly, a candidate’s body language such as eye contact, gestures, and other non-verbal communications can only be seen during a face-to-face interaction.

See their passion & level of enthusiasm

Every organization would like to see a candidate that has great level of enthusiasm and passion to meet both personal and organizational goals. Even if the candidate is less experienced, their aspirations and passionate attitude could be enough for the job role.

Growth and succession planning

During the interview or conversation, the growth and succession plan for the individual candidate as well as the organization can be discussed.

You want to be able to recruit a candidate that you want to invest your time and money in. That’s why a conversation about the future proves beneficial.


Technology has made the hiring and recruitment process relatively easy for recruiters and HR managers.

But as we said before, why not use both? When you outsource your recruitment process with EazeeStaffing Solutions, you can rest assured that we are using the latest technologies to find candidates that are worth your investment. Once we have the most qualified job seekers, our team will be able to assess ourselves, who the top talent is among the rest.

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