Recruitment is the back bone of all the industries as it is tool that provides manpower for the company. In the early days, the recruitment used to happen by using the traditional tools such as newspapers, print media, telephone etc. However, the technological advancement in the recent years has changed the scenario of recruitment process across the globe.

The candidates are using such technological tools to build their resumes and upgrade them. The recruiters have started using the various technical tools such as job portals to find the suitable candidate for their respective organizations. Now, the recruiters and the HR department do not have to spend the whole day in order to sort the resumes of the candidates. It can be easily done with one or two clicks of the computer mouse. The recruitment process has been streamlined to a great extent because of the technological tools. But, at the same time, the organizations should always remember to maintain a balance between human touch for the recruitment process along with high technological advancement that they use. There are certain things which a technology cannot pick up and in such matters there has to be an involvement of the human touch. Such things can be discussed as follows.

Communication Skills:-
Communication skill is the essential trait for any potential candidate as it plays out a huge role for the individual as well as organizations. Hence, the communication skills are the attributes that the interviewer usually looks out for in a potential candidate. The resume can communicate a candidate’s ability, but at the same time, the clarity on the thought process can be derived from a meaningful face to face conversation only. Apart from the same, the body language of the candidate such as eye contact, gesture, non-verbal communication etc. can be done through face to face interaction only in which the human touch is highly required.

Thought Process of the Candidate:-
During the interview or in person conversation, the interviewer can assess the ability of the candidate from the various dimensions. The same can throw a light on the various aspects such as whether the candidate is able to cope up with complex situation or how he/she will be dealing in the complicated topic or how the candidate will be responding to stress or situation of pressure. Also, the interviewer can assess the ability of the candidate when it comes to application of logic or strategic thinking. If the interviewer wants on the spot reaction from the candidate in terms of strategy, that can be proven as the best dimension for the selection of the candidate.

Passion & Level of Enthusiasm:-
Each and every organization would like to have a resource that has great level of enthusiasm and passion to meet personal as well as organizational goals. It can add value to the organization and the zeal to achieve goals can be proven as a driving force for the success of the organization. Such assessment can be made while a manager or an interviewer interacts with the candidate. Especially, if the candidate is less experienced but at the same time aspiring and inspiring enough for the job role, then the organization will certainly look forward to hire him or her. Such candidates can be proven as a motivational driving force for the team and can be proven as a roadmap to success for the team.

Cultural Fit of the potential candidate in line with organization:-
Every organization operates differently and each company has different type of work culture. The personal characteristics, attributes and traits of the candidate decide whether the candidate is right & appropriate fit for the culture of the organization or not. The interviewer can carry out such evaluation cum assessment in the personal interaction with the candidate. According to the interaction, one can decide if the person has the interest and ability that can be in sync with the job description. The work culture of the organization and fitment of the candidate in the same can be proven as an important aspect for a firm’s success or failure.

Having a meaningful goal oriented conversation:-
It is important to have human resources in the organization who have the goals and objectives that are in synchronisation with organizational goals. During the interview, it becomes important that such meaningful goal oriented conversations happen to know the fitment of the candidate with the job profile and organizational context. Such conversation decides whether the candidate should be hired or not. In such conversation, the interviewer can know the level of seriousness that the candidate possesses towards work and hence it is important to have such conversations. Hence, it is an in-evident fact that such decisions cannot be taken without the human touch.

Growth and Succession Planning:-
During the interview or conversation, the growth and succession planning of the individual candidate as well as organization can be discussed. Such planning and strategizing can give a success road map to the interviewer as well as interviewee. The shared perspective can provide diversifies room to the innovation and gradually growth. The recruitment is an investment that an organization makes in the candidate. While discussing such plans, the interviewer can assume whether the candidate is worth such investment or not. If the candidate is not worth then he/she can be chucked out immediately from the recruitment process. If the candidate is worth then appropriate hiring decision can be made accordingly.

Discussion on Innovation:-
The organizations are looking out to hire candidates that are having an ability to come up with innovation ideas that leads to growth for the firm. Especially the strategy that is called “Think outside the box” is the one that the organizations would want to prefer in the competitive edge. At the same time, the candidate or the potential employees are also looking for a room where they can channelize their innovative thoughts. If the candidate can come up with such ideas during interaction, the choice of the right candidate for the job profile becomes easy and fruitful.

The technology and the machines have made the hiring and recruitment process relatively easy for the recruiter and HR Managers. However, one must remember that whenever it comes to the comparison between humans and machines, the emphasis always should be and has to be more on the human touch. The humans have made machines and the technologies are the product of the human brains only. Hence, the humans are and always be irreplaceable. One can certainly take the help of the technology and machines to reduce the work load or to get rid of the tedious process. But, at the same time, human touch is always required to make the correct decisions.

In this article, we have come up with certain facts that need the assistance of the human touch while making the recruitment choice and decision. Such checklist will be able to help you build the organization culture in a better manner. Not only that but it will also be able to assist you find the right fitment for the job profiles, especially the complex ones.

Happy Hunting! Happy Recruiting!