We may be living in a period of record unemployment, but repeatedly, we hear clients say that they face difficulties finding the right talent for their open positions. That’s why staffing agencies are proving more valuable than ever before—at EazeeStaffing Solutions, we make it our mission to create the best workforce possible for your company, especially for those in specific industries.

Recruiter Trying to Find the Right People for the Job

But don’t take our word for it… here are eight tried and true reasons why staffing agencies are beneficial to your recruitment process!

We have the expertise

Not everyone works in HR and not everyone has the time to dig through dozens of candidate profiles.

But we do—what staffing agencies bring to the table is a huge network, experience, and expertise. It’s our job to find the perfect addition to your team.

We have staffing for a variety of industries

A staffing company is able to provide candidates for a wide range of services. This makes it easier for you to locate candidates for any job within your company, whether it’s an HR position, IT, office administration, customer service, or any other aspect of your day-to-day operations. Staffing services have the expertise necessary in all these fields to find the right person for the job.

We save you money

Here’s how it works: hiring a staffing agency means better talent. Better talent means improved productivity. Improved productivity means less operating costs, and more return on investments. Thus, hiring a staffing agency equals more money for you, and your company.

We save you timeRecruiting Agency

Rather than spending your own time trying to find the right candidate, we take that responsibility off your hands.

Staffing agencies lessen the chance of picking the wrong candidate, who will only create headaches for you down the road.

We also hire fast and let’s not forget: time is money.

We offer quick replacement

Another thing to think about is the productivity you lose when looking for a temporary or permanent replacement. Placement agencies substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to fill a vacancy so that your company can continue to run efficiently and productively.

We cater to your business’ flexibility

If your company goes through a cycle of busy and slow times, a staffing company can help by providing a workforce that’s adaptable to those needs. You can easily hire qualified staff during busy times without placing additional burdens on permanent employees due to overtime and burnout. Hiring temporary employees also provides you with the opportunity to survey potential future job candidates and see how they perform within current office dynamics.

We reduce your paperwork

Staffing AgencySince staffing companies employ the temporary employees they provide to your company, you can avoid the hassle of additional paperwork like unemployment claims, severance pay, and other termination paperwork. You also won’t have to worry about the initial paperwork like benefits packages and contracts that regular, full-time employees require.

We find the right people

Finally, what’s so important in the world of business is not only finding the right applicant, but also, making sure they stay. Having a staffing agency take care of that will lead to a greater retention rate, as we select candidates who rely less on training and are passionate about said company.

A company’s success is determined by its employees and at EazeeStaffing Solutions, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your company is connected to the best talent out there. Contact us today to start your recruitment process off right!