Job searching can be one of the most grueling “jobs” in itself.  College grads can have a discouraging time during the process of searching for their perfect fit because it doesn’t just take time, it takes dedication.  It is crucial to not only be applying to jobs, but also networking with professionals even if they can’t offer you a position at their company.

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Don’t just sit behind your computer, go out there!

Networking can be a challenge for some people because they’re not used to going out and speaking to people in large crowds or at events. You need to be the right person to feel comfortable in those situations, but networking isn’t just about attending job fairs.  It can also be just contacting a professional in the field you’re looking to work in and setting up a meeting over some coffee.  These are the best types of networking because it gives you a chance to sit down one on one and discuss your career goals and share your personality. These meetings will give you the opportunity for extra time to learn more about the field from an experienced professional.

Tips on Making a Good Impression

It can be nerve racking when meeting with someone for the first time to discuss career goals, but these can be good practice for when you get actual interviews.  Think of networking meetings or events as informal interviews.

Here are a few tips to making a good impression and getting you a step ahead of the game:

Digital Portfolio: Create a simple website! Everything is digital now, and many professionals prefer to see everything online.  If you’re in a creative field, a simple online portfolio displaying your resume and work that you have done will give you an advantage and will leave an impression. This can also be a splash page (one page) to display your resume and extra info online.

Business Cards: These are extremely helpful when networking because it gives the person something to take when they leave. Business cards are inexpensive to make and print.  They can be as simple as adding your name, title, email, website, and phone number.  You also can get creative and add a photo.

Resume: Be old-school and write up your resume. Print out plenty of copies and put them in a folder, so that when you are going to events, job affairs, and meetings, you can hand out a copy for people to take. It never hurts to do things the old-fashioned way.

How to Get Started

  • First thing to do is setup an email if you haven’t already done so. Do a full online search of networking events, job fairs, and alumni gatherings in your area. Pick the ones that fit your career field, and the ones that fit your schedule.
  • If you are not the type of person who is comfortable with going to these events yet, then start searching for possible companies you’d like to apply for. Gather some emails and send out some inquiries for a phone call or meeting. Reach out to people you already know in the field that you’re looking.
  • Another great thing to do is physically go to these companies and drop off your resume and meet a face. You can always call up the company and ask for a human resources person to talk to as well.
  • Make your move by attending events and being prepared to talk to the professionals. Don’t put on a mask, be yourself, and make it known what your goals for your career are. And yes, dress appropriately for the occasion.
Talk to a Recruiter

Staffing and recruiting agencies are dedicated to helping professionals get jobs.  It is their job to get you a job in the field you want. If you don’t necessarily have a grasp on what you want your career to be, and if you have similar ideas, talk to a recruiter, and they will guide you to the right connections and job opportunities. Companies work with staffing companies to find the right candidate for the job.  The recruiters will seek out potential professionals that they know will be the perfect candidate for the company.

If you’re a young professional or have been in the field, contact Eazee Staffing at 347-573-9572 to learn more about networking and how to get started with job searching. We can help you narrow your search and get you the job you desire.