A recent study conducted by Mercer, a Human Resources Consulting Firm, utilized 800 business execs, almost 2,000 human resources professionals, and over 5,000 employees in a plethora of industries across 44 countries to gather information about the future of the workforce.

Here are the five trends in 2018 that every recruiter and job hunter should be aware of:


Compass pointing towards the word talentChange at speed

This trend refers to the ability for a company to evolve overtime. In the U.S., 95% of companies will redesign their organization by 2020. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with changing industry strategies, technology, and consumer needs.

Working with purpose

Employees are a key ingredient that implements change, especially when there is a sense of purpose connected to the change. This trend will encourage more creativity and innovation among employees in every industry. The study stated that employees are three times more likely to stay loyal and put in the hours at a company that works for a purpose.

Permanent flexibility

Flexibility comes in many forms, including the familiar strategy of making your own work schedule and workspace, which many companies have implemented. However, moving forward, this strategy will start to infiltrate how work is done at the office. 79% of senior executives said that flexibility is key to their staff’s value of work and motivation.

Platform for talent

This trend will work towards learning the skill sets of employees and matching those abilities to their work tasks and demand. By unlocking these useful talents, a company can make a big push in hopes of reaching its full potential.

Digital from the inside out

It’s not surprising that a digital trend will still be present across industries this year because it is such a large factor affecting work ethic and productivity in an employee work experience. The more digital a company is, the more likely they are to be prepared for change, accept it, and thrive with it.

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