Is there anything more frustrating than reading through a job listing and thinking, “This sounds perfect for me!” before getting to the end and realizing that the employer is looking for someone with years of experience you don’t have?

It can be demoralizing and make you wonder how you’re supposed to get experience in your industry when every job calls for you to have experience already.

However, there are a few ways that you can try to get around this roadblock.

Play up the experience that you do have in your résumé

Nervous Job SeekerYou might not necessarily have the five years of experience that an employer is looking for, but there may be a way to play up the experience that you do have in your résumé when applying for a job.

For example, did you spend a semester working 10 hours a day as an intern in college? Feel free to include that in your cover letter and explain how the experience helped you. You can also include any freelance work that you may have done and talk about how it allowed you to learn about your industry.

You might find that you have more experience than you even realized.

Show an employer what you can do by doing more than just sending a résumé

Many employers look for job candidates with experience because they want to hire someone who will know exactly what they’re doing from day one.

One way to prove that you’re up for the challenge, even without experience is by putting together a special project that you can send in with your résumé. If you’re applying for a news writing position, you can take it upon yourself to write a news story that you haven’t seen covered in your local newspaper. Or if you’re applying for a marketing position, you can take the time to create a PR campaign for one of the company’s clients.

The extra work will highlight your talents, and perhaps make them forget the required years of experience.

Be open to other positions that will allow you to get more experience

If you see a job listing that sounds amazing to you but you don’t have the experience to apply for it, there’s no harm in applying. Upon applying, make it known that you are interested in any opportunities the company has to offer. You shouldn’t be afraid to start lower and work your way up when you’re trying to break into your industry.

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