The Information Technology (IT) industry is in high-demand, and you will need the right skills to grab an employer’s attention. With the assistance of IT staffing companies, you can land a job within the many different areas in IT.

Although knowledge and experience with software and hardware are vital, that’s not the most important skill IT companies look for when hiring new employees. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent college graduate, you want to verbalize and demonstrate the following top 3 skills on your resume, cover letter, and during your interview.


Employers want to know that the potential new hire can work effectively with other team members. You want to specifically explain how you were able to work with another person or group of people. Mention the details of the assignment/project to demonstrate that you’re more than capable of being a team player. It would even be a good idea to talk about any conflicts that occurred and how you were able to resolve it in a professional manner.

Decision Maker and Problem Solver

The ability to make decisions and solve problems promptly is essential to any employer. IT companies don’t want employees who need to have their hands held all the time; employers want leaders with a take-charge attitude. When there is a problem that occurs while working on a project or assignment, you must be willing and able to make the necessary decisions to solve the problem. This also ties into teamwork. You might want to get the perspective and opinions of your teammates to the tackle the issue head on. Employers want to know that they can trust their employee(s) to make the right decision and handle issues that arise. It’s also important to know when to seek help from upper management if necessary.

Verbal and Written Communication

With any relationship, communication is key. You should be able to express yourself in a way that is appropriate and can be understood by those within your organization both orally and in written format. Communication is the universal language that all employers speak, and it is extremely important that their employees have this skill. The good news is that you learn this skill at a very young age and apply it to everyday life. The one thing that you would need to do is prove to your potential employer that you are more than capable of communicating to individuals on all levels.