The third Thursday of every quarter is a great day for businesses everywhere. Why? Because it’s Get to Know Your Customers Day! Celebrate your loyal customers and strengthen your relationship with them on July 19th. They’ll appreciate your company going the extra mile to learn more about their wants and needs.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day this quarter and every quarter!

Growing Customer Loyalty Will Benefit Your Business

Personally reach out to your loyal customers

Whether it’s the regulars in your coffee shop or sending an appreciation blast out to your email list, it’s important to let them know you’re keeping them in mind and in return, they’ll keep you in mind. A personal touch is essential in making them feel special.

Speaking of making your customers feel special, consider offering a special discount or offer

Your customers deserve a reward for their loyalty so why not surprise them with a special coupon or a coffee on the house. It will encourage them to make a second purchase or keep coming back for more!

Many take to social media using the hashtag: #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

A large majority of businesses interact with their audience on social media due to the accessibility of these platforms and how easy it is to start a conversation. These virtual communities are where people feel comfortable expressing their honest opinions and as a result, conduct a large amount of word of mouth marketing.

Since social media is the perfect bridge between business and consumer, it makes sense to use it to get to know your loyal customers. Ask your followers a question that will not only engage them but allow them to offer up personal experiences and opinions.

Get To Know Your Customers Day is ultimately for the customers, but your business should be able to benefit from the day as well. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about your customers and either improve your reputation among them or enhance the already solid foundation you have established.

Getting to know your customers this Thursday will help you continue building up your business inside and out. Need help on the internal side of things? Give EazeeStaffing Solutions a call at 347-573-9572 to learn more about finding the right talent and staff for your company!