As we see the growth in technological advancements with sustainable energy, it’s not a surprise to see the growth of jobs in this industry follow suit. The most sought-after job fields will be changing in the next few years, and we want to let you know what those are. This is an exciting time to be deciding on what job field you’d like to be in.

Worker installing solar panels on a roof

Occupations Gaining Ground

Of course, the top two fastest growing occupations deal with renewable energy, and the other top five deal within the healthcare field, which doesn’t come to a surprise at all. These are the top 5 fastest growing jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers – are workers who install solar panel systems on rooftops and other structures. These jobs require a high school diploma and preferably 1 year of experience, but you can also take courses at a technical school.
  2. Wind Turbine Service Technicians – install, maintain, and repair wind turbines. They learn by attending a technical school and on-the-job training.
  3. Home Health Aides
  4. Personal Care Aides
  5. Physician Assistants

These occupations are climbing the mountain. We see a need for improvement in renewable energy and healthcare, which cover those top five jobs. This is what’s happening within the job market because when there is a need for a change in technologies or occupations, they start to grow by the minute. Especially with renewable energy, we are seeing jobs grow all over the country because there is a need for them. This ultimately helps people find fulfilling jobs and helps the economy grow.

What does this mean for people searching for jobs?

Well, it doesn’t really mean that much to them if they know what they want to get into already. But for people looking for a career change or a field they would like to try and get into, the fastest growing jobs in the United States is something to pay attention to. These jobs can bring some good experience and money into your life.

How to Get into These Top Growing Fields

Some job fields are not easy to get into because they require a good amount of schooling, especially within the healthcare field, but there are several jobs that may not require too much schooling. Besides the top growing list, there are plenty of other fast-growing jobs, which include engineering, marketing, technologies, finance & accounting, life sciences, etc. A great way to increase your chances and gain an advantage is to talk with a staffing and employment agency.

Staffing & Employment Agency

If you’re looking for jobs, or you’re looking to hire the perfect candidate, a staffing and employment agency will help you find what you need. Most staffing and employment agencies are narrowing in on the best and most driven candidates, so that there will be a perfect fit. Don’t try and find the right candidate or job on your own because it is a rough ride. It is a job in itself, and if you are able to get some help from a Staffing and Employment agency, then you should because they are looking for the next fastest growing job field candidates and companies.

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