6 Common Mistakes All Job Seekers Make (But You Shouldn’t)

The job search can be a challenge, pushing you to your breaking point and pulling you back in again. But, trust us—you’re not alone! Most job seekers are experiencing the same and there are many mistakes that are made along the way. Do you know the saying, “learn from your mistakes?” Well, we think you […]

Tips for Landing a Job that Requires Experience (Without Having the Experience)

Is there anything more frustrating than reading through a job listing and thinking, “This sounds perfect for me!” before getting to the end and realizing that the employer is looking for someone with years of experience you don’t have? It can be demoralizing and make you wonder how you’re supposed to get experience in your […]

Four Challenges Facing Job Seekers Today

It can be difficult to land that initial interview, or even receive a response in the first place. However, understanding the challenges that you may run into ahead of time can help you plan your job-hunting strategy and achieve success! There are too many jobs This might not seem like a challenge, but it is—in […]

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