Hiring the right person to fill a position comes with its own set of challenges. Searching for candidates with specific skill sets is not an easy task, and what’s more, it is not always easy to identify these skills through the interviewing process. That said, there are some universal indications you can focus on to help you find the right person.

Picking the right job candidate

Communication Is Key

No one works in a silo. Effective communication is huge, especially when we are expected to interact with many different people through different mediums, such as in person, over email, phone, etc. Being able to communicate with coworkers, customers, and vendors is a must in the workforce. Ask questions about the way they prefer to communicate, how they work with others, and their preference of team work compared to individual tasks.

The Right Fit

 Second, finding someone who is truly passionate and excited about their job is important for long term potential. Look for personality traits that will co-inside with your company’s culture. You never want to hire someone who comes to work everyday with low energy and unexcited by the work. Look for candidates with advanced degrees or extra certifications.

Dedicated to the Job

Next, look for someone who is a fast learner, hard working, and willing to ask questions. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a new employee feel uneasy asking questions, or worse, making assumptions about the work they need to be doing. Look for a candidate with the soft skills of learning quickly and determination.

Willing to Adapt

Lastly, adaptability is a big advantage. Today’s workplace is continuously evolving, and employees must be able to take on new responsibilities and acquire new skills/learn new technologies. Look for someone who can thrive in a changing environment and challenge themselves with projects they may not have expertise in but are willing to adapt.


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