IT jobs

Finding qualified IT employees can be difficult because they’re in high demand, which makes it hard to draw quality candidates to your company. Fortunately, an IT staffing solutions service can help find qualified candidates and “sell” them your company as a great place to work. When you’re considering different IT staffing companies to help you find the right candidates, it’s important to choose a staffing company with certain qualities. Here’s what to look for.

Industry Experience

An important quality to look for is extensive experience in the IT industry. This ensures that the staffing agency knows exactly what qualities to look for in candidates so that they can identify irrelevant information on resumes before you waste time interviewing a candidate who is less than qualified. They’ll also be up-to-date on the latest technology advances to help you find IT staff that will help your business evolve along with ever-changing technology.

Position Variety

It’s also important to find IT staffing solutions services that have experience placing numerous types of IT positions. Even if you plan to only hire certain positions within the technology field, in the future, you may expand and need other IT positions, so it’s helpful to already have a staffing agency that can fill those needs as well.


You’ll also need a staffing agency that already has a good network established. This ensures you’ll be able to fill numerous positions with quality candidates. It also ensures better referrals and prior knowledge of candidates’ traits and experience.

Company Knowledge

It’s a good sign if the staffing company you’re considering asks numerous questions about your company. A good staffing company is more interested in learning about your company so that they can sell it to potential candidates than giving you a sales pitch about their services.

Local Knowledge

It’s also beneficial for the staffing company to know a lot about your area so that they understand market conditions, living costs, and other salary conditions. This makes it more likely that they’ll draw in good candidates for you to choose from.

Communication Skills

Finally, pay attention to how quickly the agency responds to your questions via e-mail or phone. You’ll need to be able to have clear and quick communication to make sure your needs are met.