Staffing concept


One of the most harmful myths is that you’re better off finding a job on your own rather than through a staffing agency. Sadly, people are often willing to struggle for months on their own. Some never find a job and quit looking altogether. Some are underemployed, simply because they couldn’t find the right job. Others can’t find a job in their field, and end up with a job they hate. However, this can all be avoided by working with a reputable staffing firm.

Fee Free

Job seekers avoid staffing agencies because they think the agency will charge them a fee. A reputable company will rarely, if ever, charge you a fee. They make their money by filling jobs. A recruitment firm will, however, take a small percentage of your earnings as payment for finding you a job. The better a job you get, the more money you—and the staffing firm—will earn. Just make sure you understand their policy regarding this before you sign up. This will save you from any misunderstandings later.

Levels of Employment

The most common myth surrounding staffing agencies is that they’re only for entry-level jobs. The truth is, recruiting companies place candidates in all levels of employment, from entry level to executive. Agencies place recruits in all types of jobs and companies. Many specialized industries, such as engineering or computer technology, will use office admin recruitment agencies to fill positions. No matter what your field, education, or level of experience, a reputable staffing firm can help you find your dream job.

Not Just for Temps

Another detrimental myth is that an office admin recruitment agency is just for finding temporary work. Unfortunately, this false claim has kept many people from finding suitable employment. While many temp positions are filled by staffing agencies, these positions frequently lead to full-time employment. Check with your agency to find out what their policies are regarding your new company hiring you in full-time.

Insider Info

An important but little-known fact is that a staffing agency has access to jobs that are not being advertised in the market. There is a wealth of “hidden” jobs just waiting to be filled. And many companies rely on recruitment firms to fill them. It pays—literally—to put aside your misconceptions regarding employment agencies and see what they have to offer you.