Self-doubt? Public speaking? Your greatest weakness speaks volumes to your character and provides some insight into who you are as a person and worker.

So, is there a right way of answering the question: “what is your greatest weakness?”


And nowadays, it’s not enough to retort with a weakness that is disguised as a strength.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the ever-dreaded questions and make your biggest weakness work in your favor!

Present your weakness in a positive way

Tips to Help You Answer Job Interview QuestionsInstrumental in describing your greatest weakness to interviewers is the ability to explain your weakness in a positive way.

The word “weakness” connotes negativity, as people typically regard weaknesses as disadvantages or lack of strength.

You must work, then, to frame your weakness in a positive light and to show that you are taking the initiative to improve yourself. This level of self-awareness takes your interview from shallow to meaningful and rewarding. Stay optimistic and show that you can develop your talents and strengths through encountering and tackling your weaknesses.

Show that you are a work-in-progress and that’s a good thing

Everyone has at least one weakness or an area in their work life that they would like to develop and improve upon. Your goal is to be honest with your interviewer without going over the top or jeopardizing your chances for the job. Interviewers want to see that you recognize flaws within yourself that you then try to move past and fix.

Consider several weaknesses to share in your answers in case a hiring manager asks for multiple responses.

To answer the question:

1. Describe your weakness

2. Explain how it has hindered you in the past

3. Demonstrate what you have learned from the weakness

4. Show how you are currently moving towards improvement

Fit your weakness to cater the position you are vying for

Preparing for a job interview is half the battle; going over practice questions and developing your answers ahead of time will help you avoid the dreaded stammering and potential for poor responses that send your resume flying out the window.

Select a weakness that fits the job you desire by avoiding weaknesses that might disqualify you from the position. If you are applying for an editing position, your weakness should not be that you hate reading and lack attention to detail. Pay attention to the required skills and job requirements in the job posting to avoid choosing a weakness related to those qualities.

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