Business woman shaking hands with a job applicantThe hiring process doesn’t stop after the application and interview—what you do afterwards is just as important.

Following up shows your potential employer that you truly care about the position and have taken a genuine interest in the company.

Here are our top tips for following up after a job interview:

Send a thank-you note

Get that thank-you note out right away—within 24 hours of your interview.

You could even send it from your laptop in the parking lot immediately afterwards! Thank-you notes demonstrate that you’re grateful for the interviewer’s time and are staying on top of things.

Give them a gentle reminder

Your thank-you note is a chance to add any information you forgot to mention during the interview, correct any mistakes you may have made by misspeaking, and reaffirm why you should be chosen for the position.

Just make sure to be brief and concise.

Touch base

You should always ask about next steps during the interview itself to get an idea of when you should touch base.

If the interviewer said you’d be hearing from them in a week and it’s been nine days, you should send a brief email or make a quick phone call to follow up. This makes many people nervous, but interviewers see it as a totally normal and professional part of the hiring process.

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