Tips to Help with a Job Search

It’s easy to let the job search get the best of you, but it’s what you do next that will determine your future: call it quits because clearly this is an impossible task that isn’t working or re-invigorate your drive to prove yourself valuable and worthy of these job opportunities. We think you should choose the latter.

There are plenty of things to do while conducting your job search that will keep you motivated and help your potential employers to see you as the ideal candidate!


Looking for a job should be a full-time job

Of course every job seeker’s situation is different from the next. Some may be employed and looking for their next move, but if not, then there’s no excuse not to make the job search your full-time! Establishing a routine will keep your job search active and keep you motivated throughout the process.

You may be an ideal candidate, but do you have written proof?

Your resume should reflect who you are as a professional in your industry and is often the only document that will help potential employers decide whether or not to take the next step in the hiring process. Take time during your job search to perfect your resume, ensuring that it showcases all your experience and successfully highlights the skills that set you apart from the rest.

Your cover letter on the other hand should always be evolving between job applications. This document should be customized to each position you’re applying for, putting a heavy focus on the qualities that the recruiter is looking for as well as slightly praising the company you’re applying to. A cover letter is also a perfect opportunity to present the experience you have that makes you perfect for the job.

Practice and polish the skills you have written on your resumeJob Seeker Working On a Resume

The skills you’ve listed on your resume aren’t just for show (or at least they shouldn’t be). A bright silver lining that comes with job searching is that it gives you the opportunity to practice these skills and expand upon them. Although your job hunt may be exhausting, and at times disappointing, but it shouldn’t diminish your motivation to keep learning and working towards becoming the best, most ideal candidate for the job.

Utilize your time and resources while job searching

We know we said that you should treat the hunt as your full-time job, but we also know that there are definitely some freedoms that you’ll take with that advice. During your free time, crack open a book or attend an online course that will not only buff your skills, but keep you updated on the latest trends, technologies, and processes in your industry. Who knows—there may even some skills that you forgot you had and all they needed was a little dusting off! Take this time to better yourself as a professional in your industry.

Nothing is stopping you from working on your professional portfolio

Job searching can be very unpredictable and unfortunately, tends to last a while. If this is the case, then it may be time to look towards working (for free) to gain experience and update your portfolio with recent and relevant projects. No matter your industry or path, there will always be opportunities to add to your portfolio.

Build your network and then use it

If you’re not on LinkedIn already, then you need to create an account immediately after reading this blog post. This platform not only connects you with your professional peers, but it has the ability to aid in your job search and put those peers to work for you!

Networking Events Help Your Job SearchThe platform makes it easy to alert your network that you are on the search and explain to them exactly what you’re looking for. This doesn’t mean that you can rest easily behind a computer screen; it would be beneficial to get face-time with your peers and attend local networking and industry events.

Pro Tip: Your LinkedIn profile acts as your second resume to potential employers so it’s essential that yours exists and that you update it regularly.

Take advantage of a staffing agency

Sometimes searching for a job on your own, even with a quality resume in hand, just isn’t enough. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t an outstanding job candidate—it just might mean your application isn’t getting into the right hands. With an extensive network and hand in almost every industry, a staffing agency may be the next step to take in your job search.

According to Forbes, employment agencies are four times more effective than just submitting your resume.

The modern-day search firm is no longer just a place that benefits office workers; it is a hard-working task force that strives to find the right job for talented and deserving candidates across a variety of industries.

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