Many believe that it’s hard to stand out without a face-to-face interaction, which is why phone interviews pose a challenge to job candidates. However, there are plenty of opportunities to impress over the phone!

Do your homework

Before any interview—whether phone, or in-person—make sure you read up on the company or position you’re applying for.

Do ample research and become familiar with any relevant figures, or news. This research helps you feel more comfortable talking about your future employer and position and shows the hiring manager that you care.

Trust us, it is obvious whether you did your research or not—and that interview will be over quickly.

Actively listen

Job Candidate Taking a Phone Interview

During an interview, all job candidates are guilty of obsessing over what they’re going to say next, without first considering what the interviewer just said.

That’s why ‘active’ listening is so important; you’ll appear much more natural and relaxed if you focus on what the other person is saying, rather than waiting to give your answer, which will often sound robotic.

Active listening will help you ask important follow-up questions, too!

Stay relevant

Now that the phone interview is over, you’ll want to do your due diligence afterwards.

At least one business day later, it may be worth sending thank you’s, either in the form of an email, or a personalized letter, depending on the position. Then, a week later, send a follow-up email, again thanking the interviewer for the opportunity, and, also, inquire about your application’s status. You can do this on a weekly basis until at least three weeks but be patient.

The hiring process can take a while.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to acing your next phone interview. Call EazeeStaffing Solutions today at 347-573-9572 to talk to a recruitment expert!