We often forget that we spend most of our waking hours at our jobs. While this may sound grim, it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways that employers can make their work environments welcoming, efficient, and—gasp! —a place that employees won’t mind returning to each morning, which should be every employer’s mission.

Create an open stream of communication

Happy Employees in an Office Space in NYC in One of the worst things an employer can do is oversee a work environment that doesn’t allow for free thought, useful criticism, or just normal water-tank banter. A silent work office isn’t necessarily a healthy one. Encourage your employees to spend a brief period of time talking to one another, or catching up on the day’s work, especially if their work involves collaboration.

Everyone appreciates a pat on the back

Whether it’s performance-related, health-related, or time-related, there’s no employee that doesn’t love a good bonus, or incentive. It’s a practical and powerful way of acknowledging someone’s hard work and showing that the company cares about them. Don’t be afraid to get creative—maybe create a fitness challenge, or a competition for best sales that month. Have fun with it!

Find comfort and productivity in the physical office

So much of an office’s morale and happiness has to do with the built environment—in other words: The interior design of your office can influence the work and feelings of the employees that work there every day. There are many different things you can do, from welcoming a more tranquil color palette or adding an area that enhances collaboration, but we recommend small steps like adding more natural light, installing comfortable communal furniture, and providing things like a coffee machine!

The best part about creating a beneficial work environment for your employees is that you’ll start seeing results almost immediately. Your employees will see that you’re taking the time to improve their livelihoods and pay it forward through improved production and heightened morale. Design your efficient workspace, then give us a call at 347-573-9572 to help you fill it with the right staff!