Choose Your Staffing Agency
Industrial staffing is a large, but unique niche in the area of workforce staffing. Employers seeking industrial staff solutions have specific requirements. It’s critical to find properly trained staff to ensure your company staffing needs are met with competent, well-trained staff. The first step is to interview several agencies to find the one that best service your business. Meet with recruiters at each agency and make sure they explain fee structures, recruiting process, screening and testing, and retention methods. The importance of choosing the right staffing agency cannot be underestimated.

Invite Recruiters for a Site Visit
Make sure the staffing agency sends a member of their team out to visit your business location. Site visits allow the agency to get to know you and your operation. They will be better able to match their employees to your environment. A site visit is also a great opportunity for agency staff to get to know you and key managers they will work with as part of the industrial staffing process. If the agency won’t visit your business, it’s a good idea to continue shopping for the right fit.

Screening and Testing
Most industrial engineering staffing agencies use a screening process, which may include drug screening, detailed background tests, skill testing, and sometimes, personality tests. Depending on the position, an agency may also require applicants to participate in skill set testing to ensure they have the appropriate skills to satisfy clients’ job requirements. Ask the agency about their screening process in detail. Make sure they give applicants tests that will give an accurate reading of their suitability for your company needs.

Make Sure They Understand Your Industry
Whether you need industrial engineering staff, or are looking for a manufacturing staffing agency, ask the recruiters questions to ensure they understand your particular industry. If the agency you choose has a solid understanding of what companies in your industry do, it will be easier to ensure you will be sent staff to fit the jobs you need filled. If the recruiter doesn’t seem industry-savvy or even interested in what you do, it’s time to continue your search.

Recruiting and Retention Processes
Research staffing agencies to better understand how they recruit staff. Read their employment ads, which is often a good indicator of the type of staff they attract. It’s also important to understand the benefit packages agencies offer to their staff. If an agency does not have a strong compensation package, it may result in higher turnover and less qualified applicants. You want an agency that attracts and retains solid talent. A comprehensive benefit package is more likely to attract the kind of staff you want working for you.