First celebrated in 1999, Take Your Dog To Work Day has become a staple in offices everywhere! Not only does it allow you to bring your best furry friend to brighten up your work day once a year, it also promotes adoptions by proving that a dog can be one of the truest, most dependable companions in your life—and who doesn’t want that?

Take Your Dog To Work Day is celebrating its 20th annual event on June 22nd so make sure you celebrate it the right way!

Dog at Office for Take your Dog To Work DayPack up your portable water bowls, a little doggie bag, and your pup’s favorite toy to prepare for a day at the office. Be sure that you’re abiding by company policy and be smart about choosing to bring your dog to work, especially if your workplace poses an unsafe environment for an energetic dog.

Besides the obvious benefit of having man’s best friend at your side when you’re crunching the numbers or laying out design plans, having dogs at work can offer so much more to the workplace.

One day where you can bring your pup in to work will undoubtedly boost overall employee morale.

There is something about a dog that releases stress in even the most intense work environments. With everyone feeling their best, it will most definitely increase productivity and efficiency. A change in environment like this every once and a while can pull people out of their repetitive routines and reinvigorate them in their work ethic.

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