The hiring process for your company can be tough. There are many job seekers out there waiting to apply as soon as a position is available. That’s good news, right? Wrong—most of the applicants you review won’t even meet your basic qualifications. However, by adopting some of the following habits, you can start attracting the right people to your company.

Revamp your application process

Many job seekers find it frustrating if an application is lengthy just to make it more complex. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t put in the time to do what they must to get the job. Ditch the useless questions and consider redesigning the application with the candidate in mind.

Magnet Attracting Job Seekers to a CompanyConsider your brand as an employer

According to Indeed, 83% of applicants say reviews impact where they apply. Claim your Indeed company page and complete your profile so job seekers have a better idea of who you are as a company and employer.

Consult your contacts

Utilize your network of industry contacts, association memberships, and trade groups. Make a master list of potential employers and connect with them on LinkedIn and on the phone. Having a network means you will have a pool of contacts ready when it’s time to fill a position.

Use your website

If your website has a careers page, use it to your advantage and make the job listing stand out. Share your vision, mission, culture and values and fill it with personality so it will, in turn, attract people with a great personality.

Consider a recruiting agency

Sometimes, it makes a world of difference using recruiters and employment firms. They will be able to conduct the search without disrupting your business and provide you with the best candidates for the job. In some industries, this can be worth the percentage you may have to pay the recruiter for finding the employee.

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