Outsourcing your Recruitment ProcessFinding employees to staff open positions at your company can be a full-time job.

Not only are you constantly reading resumes and cover letters, but you probably spend a lot of time interviewing candidates that just aren’t a good fit for the job. Even if you are a medium- to large-sized business with its own human resource department, your HR associates have a lot on their plate that doesn’t involve recruitment.

Use recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to save you time, increase the quality of candidates that you’re seeing, and minimize your turnover rate.

Here are the main benefits of outsourcing your recruitment process, ensuring that you find the best talent possible for your team.


Creating a predictable process

If you’re a team lead, your schedule is probably far from predictable. Whether you’re constantly out of town visiting clients or pulled in a million different directions on a daily basis, your schedule can vary.

So, when you’re hiring new staff, your schedule can actually have a negative impact on any potential candidates’ opinion of the company. Studies have shown that candidates value communication throughout the hiring process, and often find it lacking in their experiences.

Candidates that are interviewing for a position just want to know that there is a timeline for the process; when you’re unavailable and out of town, the process can seem disjointed, which can actually come across to a candidate as disinterest.

Outsourcing your recruitment process means that your candidates will have a main point of contact throughout the hiring process who can manage schedules and expectations. Each candidate will have an idea of the timeline of the job start, when they can expect to hear back regarding follow up interviews, and more, even if you’re away from your desk for a large majority of the process.

Finding better job candidates

Posting job opportunities on a job board can be costly; and it can also leave you with a hefty stack of resumes to sift through before you find a few solid candidates.

How to Find Better Job CandidatesWith RPO, any candidate that you speak to will have already been screened and approved by your recruiting company, which means that the people you meet with are guaranteed to have the right kind of experience and attitude. Recruiters can also handle compensation conversations at the outset, so that you won’t end up with the perfect candidate who’s looking for $15,000 more than you’re able to provide.

When your candidates are pre-screened, you’ll be dealing with people who are qualified for the job and ready to get started; that means that you as a manager will have a more satisfactory experience than if you were driving the recruitment process yourself, or with the assistance of your HR team.

Increased hiring manager satisfaction is one of the main benefits of RPO, and managers around the country would agree. Recruiting is about finding the right person to fill a position, but it’s also about making sure that the candidate will work to build the integrity of the team—thus improving the hiring manager’s day-to-day experiences.

Enhancing your brand with RPO

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association says that using RPO can also enhance your brand among potential candidates.

If hiring managers, candidates and companies are happy with the process, those employees will stay with the company longer, which proves that your company is a desirable place to work. Plus, having a recruiter reach out to candidates first can make the candidates feel pursued and valued at the company, without having to apply for the job first themselves.

All of this will increase your brand visibility among industry executives, and make your company look like a better company to work for than your competitors. You’ll have more job applicants, more qualified applicants, and an increased awareness in the industry.

Cost savings

We’ve already discussed the time saved by using RPO, but there is also a cost savings to consider.

Posting positions on job boards can get expensive, and after a while, you may not be bringing in the type of candidates that you’d ideally like to see. RPOs get the job done faster, which means you’re saving that money spent on lengthy job board postings.

Plus, think of all the work that goes into hiring someone:

Simplifying the Hiring Process-Drafting the job description

-Marketing the position

-Sifting through hundreds of resumes

-Screening each employee

-Spending time and money doing background checks and calling references

-and more!

With RPO, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Simply have a conversation with your recruiter and wait for the best candidates to be sent your way.

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