Eazee Staffing is your creative director recruitment agency. Our team of consultants works tirelessly to keep their fingers on the pulse of the creative world, building and maintaining relationships with industry experts so we always know the latest trends and opportunities. We know that a successful creative director possesses a blend of creative vision and business acumen. We take a hands-on approach to helping our clients find creative directors. We’ll get to know you and your business before we bring you any candidates. Our creative director recruitment agency provides a bespoke service, tailored specifically to meet your unique needs.

Our creative director candidates each possess a number of excellent qualifications. Of course, creativity is a must. Qualified individuals have experience in advertising and marketing and are anxious to take a fresh approach. Candidates must have proven analytical skills to analyze data and keep up with the latest trends. Management experience is also a must, as your creative director will manage numerous teams within your organization. Our immense pool of talent and our numerous industry contacts give us a distinct competitive advantage; we can absolutely find the right person to lead your creative department.

We want to be your creative director recruitment agency. We have found amazing talent for others; let us do it for you!