As all managers and HR staffing consultants know, hiring the right employees plays a key role in the success of your organization. A candidate without the right skill set or one that might not be a good fit can make daily operations more difficult, whereas stellar employees directly impact the company’s bottom line. However, success […]

For many small businesses, human resources can be challenging. From staying abreast of the changing laws, regulations, and compliance to optimizing recruitment and retention strategies that position the company for future success, the daily tasks required are critical. Yet at most small companies, there isn’t a human resources department in place to handle those tasks. […]

Recruitment is a critical tool used to find top talent to employ at your company. In the past, the recruitment process took place across more traditional methods such as newspapers, print media, telephone etc. Now with the technological advancements made in recent years, the recruitment process has transformed across the globe. A few clicks and […]

When it comes to hiring, it can be difficult spending the time and energy to find the right fit for the role. However, many companies are weary of hiring staffing agencies even though it would make the task easier. Here are a few common misconceptions about staffing agencies that you need to get out of […]

Many believe that it’s hard to stand out without a face-to-face interaction, which is why phone interviews pose a challenge to job candidates. However, there are plenty of opportunities to impress over the phone! Do your homework Before any interview—whether phone, or in-person—make sure you read up on the company or position you’re applying for. […]

Finding employees to staff open positions at your company can be a full-time job. Not only are you constantly reading resumes and cover letters, but you probably spend a lot of time interviewing candidates that just aren’t a good fit for the job. Even if you are a medium- to large-sized business with its own […]

Remember when adults would ask you as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer seemed pretty straight forward to most of us back then. Since we’ve now grown up, the question becomes real and urges you to think more in depth about your answer. We want to help […]

Self-doubt? Public speaking? Your greatest weakness speaks volumes to your character and provides some insight into who you are as a person and worker. So, is there a right way of answering the question: “what is your greatest weakness?” Absolutely. And nowadays, it’s not enough to retort with a weakness that is disguised as a […]

Are you preparing to start a job search? Whether you’re just entering the workforce for the first time or are just looking for your next opportunity along your career path, your personal brand can prove very advantageous. Your brand is a combination of your skills, achievements, passions, value, and, of course, your overall given impression. […]

Payroll is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your business but unfortunately, many companies make errors and unnecessary mistakes. These blunders can end up costing a lot of time and money. So, what are some ways you can improve the efficiency of your payroll system? Go paperless Today, everyone is going paperless! However, […]

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