Yound people preparing for job interviewOn the hunt for a new job? If you’ve successfully mastered resume creation and the art of the cover letter, chances are you’ve secured some job interviews. Read on for the best ways to prepare before sitting down with the hiring manager.

Research the employer

Don’t assume you can get by with your limited knowledge from your application. Research the CEO, any big company news, and the backgrounds of the people conducting the interview. Knowing your audience will help you answer questions with more confidence.

Prepare your responses

Research commonly asked interview questions and practice your answers. Be concise, but confident in your knowledge and provide relevant examples.

Dress for the part

Plan your outfit to fit the company culture – but always go overdressed versus underdressed.  Make sure there are no wrinkles and wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

Arrive early

Anticipate getting to the interview site 5-10 minutes early to show you’re timely and respectful of the hiring manager’s schedule. Don’t overdo it though and get there 40 minutes early– this could pressure the hiring manager into feeling like they have to interview you earlier than scheduled.

Remember body language

If you’re sitting across from the hiring manager, you may be excited to be there but your body language on the other hand may betray you. If you look sullen or are crossing your arms, you may give off a different vibe than you intended. Positive forms of body language are smiling, eye contact, active listening, and nodding. Avoid slouching, fidgeting, mumbling, or anything that could make you seem uninterested or unprofessional.

Don’t forget your questions

Never say you don’t have any questions for the employer – after all, you are interviewing them too! Make a list ahead of time so you know what you want answered, but don’t ask a question that was already addressed by them during your conversation.

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