Happy employees at a meeting

The longer an employee stays and grows with a company, the more they understand what it takes to make the organization a success.

It’s true—employee morale and productivity increase when employees feel secure and happy in their jobs.

Looking to improve your employee retention rates?

Try the following 7 strategies:

1. Hire the right people

First things first: the top way to improve employee retention in your company is to recruit and hire the right people.

As you screen candidates, look for applicants with a solid job history who show longevity in their past positions. Focus on applicants who are obvious team players and are motivated to get to work!

2. Highlight paths to promotion

Employees value the ability to move up in their positions and letting them know they have a future with you could result in more employees staying with your company.

Employees often leave a job in search of promotions elsewhere. Instead, offer clear, internal paths towards growth within the company.

3. Amp up your benefits

A strong benefits package complete with extra perks makes for happy and engaged employees. Offer a variety of insurance packages to give employees the power of choice.

4. Strengthen onboarding practices

The first impression is everything in corporate America. Up employee retention by strengthening your onboarding practices. Provide new employee orientations that address all employee questions and concerns, and ensure employees are set up and ready to go before pushing them out on their own.

5. Provide training and feedback

Employees often get frustrated with companies that do not show them how to be successful on the job. Provide your employees with critical feedback so they can learn how to grow and succeed in their position.

6. Stay flexible

Workers appreciate flexibility in the workplace. Allowing flexible work schedules, presenting the opportunity to work from home, and practicing understanding will go a long way with employees.

7. Show employees you care

Employees must feel valued and appreciated to want to stay with a company.

Increase employee retention by creating ways to show your employees you recognize their efforts. Share kind customer feedback with employees, encourage a positive culture with open communication, and reward deserving employees with words of praise or other benefits.

As you now may know, high employee retention rates start with hiring the right people.

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