The job search can be a challenge, pushing you to your breaking point and pulling you back in again. But, trust us—you’re not alone! Most job seekers are experiencing the same and there are many mistakes that are made along the way.

Do you know the saying, “learn from your mistakes?” Well, we think you should learn from past job seekers mistakes instead.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes all job seekers make, but you shouldn’t!

Having too much information on your resume

Your resume is the paper version of you and is most often, your first impression. However, there are some things people do on their resumes that can get them into some trouble.

All of your accolades, experiences, and past projects are definitely important, but sometimes that can grow to be too much for a resume. Pick and choose what best showcases your talents that can be utilized if you are offered the job.

Lacking customization on your resume

Speaking of picking and choosing what to put on your resume, a big mistake of many job seekers is not customizing your resume. Make sure that you are catering this document to show just how valuable you can be for the company hiring.

Not properly preparing for the interview

Job candidates waiting for an interview

Many job seekers score the interview and then think that the hard part’s over—not so much.

A common mistake we see in job seekers is not researching the company you’re interviewing for. How do you expect to impress them when you know nothing about them?

Not to mention, practice still makes perfect. If you don’t properly prepare for an interview, you won’t feel as confident answering the questions asked and that will be very apparent to the hiring manager.

Relying on just job “openings”

Of course, we don’t mean for you to ignore the job postings announcing a new job opening. However, we encourage you to not only rely on the “openings.” If there is a company that you want to work for, don’t wait for them to have an open position! Reach out to these companies and seek out the opportunities for yourself.

Remember, companies are almost always hiring, especially if there’s talent ripe for the taking.

Not taking advantage of a staffing agency

You don’t have to suffer through the job search alone. Call on some staffing experts to help connect you with the right companies!

Neglecting to follow up

We get it—the job search is basically a full-time job in itself. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat every interview, every connection, and every conversation like it’s one of many.

You need to make sure that you are following up! Not only inquiring about next steps or future conversations but showing your gratitude for taking the time to talk to you or connecting you to your next opportunity.

Learn from the mistakes of job seekers before you—give the experts at Eazee Staffing Solutions a call at 1-347-573-9572 today!